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My Original Texas Music on CD
A Review by Lucky Boyd of
You might remember Ted Frumkin as half of the
dynamic duo known as The Flivver Brothers, but
these days Frumkin is going it alone.  Called to
reside in Pennsylvania since 1997, Ted’s first love
is Texas and it shows in his music.  Frumkin’s
current offering is “VINTAGE,” a home-spun six
pack EP containing some of Ted’s favorites from
his Texas days.  Country, folk, and jazzy acoustic
blues influences find their way into Frumkin’s tunes
and provide for an easy stroll through well-written
tunes. Here’s a great way to savor your favorite
Ted Frumkin performances   

Songs include:
1.        Guadalupe Ghost – 3:57. A tale of a Young man, John
Bankston Jr. who after narrowly escaping a School Bus being
ravaged by the flooding Guadalupe River, returned to the Bus
twice to rescue some of his Campmates. The third time he went
back He didn’t make it out & His Body was never found. This
Song is about drinking wine late at night, down at the river &
seeing His Ghost.

2.        #38, Big Dipper – 2:39. A Song about  a Girl & the
Big Dipper, Hanging out at the River.

3.        107 Lb Blues – 3:25. A Song about a girl who weighed
107 Lbs. I hate to think how much she weighs now, Ha Ha Ha!

Law, &  one of the coolest girls ever my Pit Bull Ruby.

5.        Victorio – 5:22. A Song about a legendary Mescalero
Apache Indian Chief Who lived & died around what is now the
Big Bend National Park, in Texas. I made up this Song after
seeing a Photo of Victorio in a Book. Well…. The Story could
be true.

6.        Guadalupe Dreamin – 2:16. A catchy little Ditty about
floating the Guadalupe River on an inner tube, on a Sunday
after a big Gig on Saturday night.

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