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Extending the Boundaries of Woodworking Beyond the Imagination

Terms and Conditions:
•        All orders require a deposit of 40% of the cost of
the item(s) ordered, with the balance plus shipping costs
due prior to shipping.  We will e-mail or phone you when
we are ready to ship.
•        Cancellations forfeit costs incurred to the point of
cancellation.  Around The Bend Woodworks reserves
the right to retain any or all of the deposit, depending
upon the status of production at the time of cancellation.
•        All pieces are unique & "one-of-a-kind", and
therefore exact matches are not possible. We do our
best to match all components to obtain the best balance
of rustic elegance, symmetry, and presentation.
•        Checks and cracks are a characteristic  in dried
wood.  A live tree typically is composed of up to 33%
water, and cannot be used prior to being thoroughly
dried.  All wood cut by Around The Bend Woodworks
is dead-stand, and has dried naturally.  Because of the
volume loss due to drying, trees will crack and check.  
This is not considered a defect, and will not compromise
the strength of the piece.  When constructed, we do our
best to keep all cracks and checks out of the line of sight.
•        Any piece that is structurally unsound will be
repaired or replaced  by Around The Bend

•        We will ship virtually anywhere, and provide an
estimate at the time your order is placed.
•        Shipping method is dependent upon the size and
weight of the piece.  Typically smaller pieces will ship via
UPS, and larger heavier pieces by motor freight.  
Overseas shipping is done via ship or by air. Should a
return be necessary, buyer pays all shipping costs.

•        Prices indicated for pieces pictured on the web
site are general to a point, simply because most orders
are custom-priced.  We strive to create the look you

•        To order, simply
email us, or phone us at
724-354-4277 ~  Please provide us with your name,
address, phone number or e-mail address.
Almost all the pieces on this site are sold & the pictures
are for potential customers to get an idea of what I can

So if you are interested in any of my Benches &
Tables, Crosses, Stools, & Mantles, Guitar Hangers,
My CD, Uncle Teds BBQ Rub just drop me an
or give me a call & we can work out the details.
& REMEMBER I accept all major credit cards
(To use PayPal you will have to register with them. Its
easy & costs nothing.
When using  PayPal My account is the same as my email
address, . Transfer payment funds
to that account,) I also accept Money Orders, Personal
Checks, & US Cash.
Thanks For Checkin' Me Out!
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